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Service Offerings

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buf


MRB is going into its thirteenth year of operation. To MRB compliance is not something that is done to you – it is what you do. It is simply ineffective and most likely detrimental to the business if compliance is not implemented and executed correctly. We have extensive experience having designed and operated complex compliance programs for significant operations.

The collective experiences of MRB staff provides an understanding of transactional supply chains for a grounded perspective on implementing effective compliance processes in a commercially viable manner. Each of the services we render has been used in live situations and have withstood review and inquiry from exchanges, auditors, government regulators and criminal authorities.

MRB Compliance Consulting offers the following consulting services:

Policy Development

Well-articulated firm policies are the lifeblood to a sustainable governance structure. Fit for purpose policies provide guidance and set expectations for staff and while providing protection for the entity. Some policies to consider:

  • Anti-Corruption
  • Anti-Bribery
  • Business Communications
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Corporate Governance
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Gifts & Entertainment
  • Know Your Customer
  • Sanctions
  • Travel & Business Expense
  • Whistleblower

The procedures developed to ensure adherence to the entity’s policies can enhance operational excellence, employee productivity and lower the firm’s risk profile.

Investigations Service

Independence, objectivity and properly documented investigations lend credence to an investigation. The primary purpose of an investigation is to determine the root cause of a concern. In order to quickly and efficiently get to the root cause several best practices must be implemented. Once a problem or concern has been identified the process is as important as the findings themselves.

MRB’s investigative techniques are both robust and thorough. MRB possesses the the experience, expertise, and excellence needed to ensure quality output. With that output the client will be able to remediate and improve the control infrastructure in order to minimize the risk on a go forward basis.

Other components of MRB’s Investigation Services are Expert Witness services and confidential reporting mechanisms (i.e. Whistleblower Hotlines).


Well designed and effectively delivered training programs and modules will enhance both your HR requirements and your operational effectiveness. Many of the training modules will track with the policies developed.

MRB training modules will include recent case studies as well as lessons learned from peers in the industry. MRB suggests the inclusion of prior compliance incidents of the client for inclusion into the training offering.


Whether it is the client’s desire to outsource some or all of the compliance function or looking for staff augmentation MRB is your solution. Compliance support can range from junior analyst for daily communications or transaction monitoring up to Chief Compliance Officer.

MRB also provides for Board of Director support, training and advice.

Corporate Monitorships

Whether compelled to retain a corporate monitor or by an internal decision to display best practices, securing the services of an independent corporate monitor can go a long way in bolstering a culture of compliance.

The key advantage to securing the services of MRB for a corporate monitorship is the experience of the MRB practioners. Michael Berry, the Founder of MRB guided a top tier energy company through a government-imposed monitor. MRB staff know the ins and outs of constructing a compliance program designed to detect misconduct most likely to occur in a client’s line of business given its regulatory obligations.

MRB can also test and assess the adequacy and effectiveness of the client’s current compliance program.