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“Michael Berry was the only one that had a fully developed investigative plan.”
FERC’s expert witness in a market manipulation case
“My personal thanks and appreciation for all the support, education and effort that you have both (indeed all at MRB) made on the corporate risk assignment.”
General Manager top four integrated energy firm
“It’s a tribute to the process (and your drive throughout the delivery) and that mysterious piece of magic that we so often talked about does indeed seem to have taken place.”
Controller top four integrated energy firm
“MRB has a profound understanding about compliance pressures for a Chinese company doing business in the USA.”
General Counsel for a Chinese State-Owned Enterprise
“Michael was the liaison at the firm’s often dysfunctional main office. He was a master of getting what we needed at the NYC branch. We would have never been able to build a great business without him.”
Chairman Pinnacle Commodities
“The clarity provided by MRB with framework documents has enhanced our control framework.”
Chief Executive Officer of a trading house
“Thank you for sending through the information in relation to the assessment MRB has concluded. I have now gone through this in detail and we are very happy with the work that had been performed and the documentation provided – this is exactly what we were looking for when we raised the original recommendation.”
Audit manager from one of the top three audit firms